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Digital Pressure Gauges - Ashcroft


Model/Description Dial Size Accuracy Features Wetted Materials Available Ranges
DG25 - DG25 General Purpose Digital Gauge
2.5" 0.5% of span, optional 0.25% of span  0.5% terminal point accuracy (0.25% optional); Five-digit LCD display with large .48" character size; New bar graph display (20 segment); Nine engineering units of measure plus one user programmable unit; Capable of measuring gauge, vacuum and compound ranges from -14.7 psi through 25,000 psi; IP67 weatherproof enclosure; CE compliant, RoHS compliant, UL and cUL 61010-1 (approval pending).  17-4 pH sensor & 316L socket, laser welded 45 standard psi and bar ranges from -14.7 to 25000 psi, gauge, vacuum and compound ranges available.
2074, 2174 and 2274 Digital Industrial Gauge - 2174 Digital Pressure Gauge
3", 4.5" ±0.25% of span, terminal point A multi-functional digital gauge with optional 4/20 mA output and (1) or (2) SPDT switches; 0.25% full scale terminal point accuracy (.13% BFSL), IP 65 weatherproof case; three case options—Stainless Steel, fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic or aluminum; extra large display; intrinsically safe FM agency approved, (Class I, Div. 1,); easy-to-use menu options (all password protected): Five backlite display options, 12 engineering units, menu configure feature, update rate, dampen rate and auto-off 17-4 pH Stainless Steel (sensor), 316 Stainless Steel (socket) 15 psi/vac. thru 20,000
2084, 2086 and 2089 Precision Digital Test Gauge - 2089QG - Precision Digital Test Gauges
3" 2084 ±0.25% of span, 2086 ±0.10% of span, 2089 ±0.05% of span Standard: .66" LCD digits, backlite display, 3" welded SS case and socket with SS protective cover for display. FM Class 1 Div. 1 intrinsically safe, CE approved, bar graph, battery level indicator. Menu driven display allows configuration of update rate, language, dampening, backlight auto off and unit auto off. Max./min. and 12 selectable engineering units; Optional: Hard carrying case, protective rubber boot 316 Stainless Steel connection vac., 5 psi thru 7,000 psi including compound and absolute
2032, 2132, 2232, 2036, 2136, 2236 Digital Sanitary Gauge - Digital Sanitary Gauge
Industry Leading Features Include: 4/20 mA Output; (1) or (2) SPDT Switches; 0.25% F.S. Terminal Point Accuracy .13 BFSL); IP 65 Weatherproof Case Suitable for Wash Downs; Extra Large Display; Easy-to-Use Password Protected Menu  with: 5 Backlite Display Options, 12 Engineering Units, Menu Configure Feature, Update Rate, Dampen Rate, and Auto-Off; Material Traceability Certification to EN 10204:2004 3.1   17-4 pH Stainless Steel (Sensor), 316 Stainless Steel (socket) 15 psi/Vac thru 1000 psi

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