Video Transcript:

David L, Electronic Engineering Lead / Sr. Project Engineer: I started with Ashcroft in 1987, but I'd interviewed in 1986. I live up in Watertown, 30 miles away. I looked at the map and saw Stratford was 30 miles away and I said, no, thanks. I'm not interested in traveling that far. It was such a good group of people to work with, such an interesting field, that I've been here for 30 years now.

Tyler B, Director of Engineering: It's a very positive environment to work in. People take real, honest pride in what we do.

Lauren P, Lean &Continuous Improvement Specialist: I feel like it's easy to come to work. It's not like I'm coming here and working by myself. It's kind of like you're part of a community.

Raj G, Financial Analyst: People have been working here for 30 years, 35 years. One of my co-workers just celebrated their 45-year work anniversary, which is a great milestone.

Aimee A, Sr. Occ. Health, Safety &Wellness Administrator: One of the best things about being here, and especially being an older mom and wanting to be as involved as possible, is that I feel like I have the flexibility to do what I need to do. I feel I get a lot of support.

Ben W, Project Engineer: They're very keen on making sure people are healthy. They always got the Health Fairs and the Weight Watchers.

Aimee A: We offer once-a-year biometric screenings. We offer out flu shots. We've done yoga classes and things like that. We try to bring classes in.

Lenny G, Manufacturing Manager, Plant Management: We are a very, I think, socially responsible company as well. Makes you proud to be an employee. I think it's a good selling point when we want to bring other people aboard.

Aimee A: We have quite a few fundraisers that we contribute to.

Liz B, Human Resources Representative: We support United Way and community health charities. We also do food drives for the Sterling House food pantry, and we support the Connecticut Food Bank.

Aimee A: We do a lot with American Heart Association, breast cancer awareness with some of the American Cancer Society. We always do blood drives every year, one or two.

David L: It's a nice place to work. People will stick around because of the people we work with have integrity. We support the same goals, and that's to manufacture products for customers that really solve problems for customers. I'm still driving 30 miles each way.