Temperature and pressure instruments for chemical processing operations

Applications of Measurement and Monitoring Technology

The chemical industry manufactures a wide range of chemical and material products for various industries, all of which require durable and reliable measurement and monitoring technology for their production. For example, professionals in the plastics industry employ instrumentation to ensure the purity and quality of products. At Ashcroft, our temperature and pressure switches, gauges, and other instruments offer accurate readings even when exposed to some of the most extreme operating and environmental conditions.

Typical chemical applications that benefit from measurement and monitoring technology include:

With product standards and operating profits at risk, reliable measurement is critical to your process consistency. From digestion and heat treatment to energy recovery, Ashcroft has the right solutions. Our Critical Application Solution Experts® (CASE®) offer process-compatible wetted materials and Material Test Reports (MTR).

Ashcroft: Your Single-Source Solution

Ashcroft serves as a single-source supplier for all measurement and control needs in the chemical industry. Over 165 years in business, Ashcroft has earned global trust. Our primary interest lies in ensuring the safety of our instruments, stressing the importance of protecting people, processes and profits.

We strive to develop innovative and custom solutions for all areas of the plant, even your most critical processes and applications. For example, our multipoint sensors ensure that temperature conditions within crackers, reactors, and tanks remain at optimal levels. They are custom-designed to evaluate several specific points within a system, allowing industry professionals to obtain a complete temperature profile to aid in process optimization. Additionally, they feature durable construction and fast response time for reliable and accurate process control.

We design, engineer, and manufacture high-quality measurement and control instruments that offer accuracy and reliability even in the harshest chemical industry environments. We also provide custom-built assemblies that consist of various instruments (e.g., diaphragm seals) to accommodate different application requirements. Our extensive industry experience and broad product selection allow us to deliver appropriate instrumentation solutions for all chemical industry needs.

Importance of Measurement and Monitoring Technology for the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is responsible for converting raw materials—such as air, water, metals, minerals, oil, and natural gas—into usable forms for manufacturers. The over 70,000 different chemical and material products created are then used to manufacture finished parts and products for customers in the industrial and consumer sectors. For example, wood pulp is converted into paper, and paper is used to produce paper parts and products. Natural gas and crude oil are converted into plastics, and plastics are used to produce plastic parts and products.

The essential role the chemical industry plays in the manufacturing sector necessitates high quality standards during its operations, which, in turn, demands the use of durable and reliable equipment. Instrumentation—such as pressure and differential pressure gauges, transducers and temperature sensors—ensure that operating conditions remain at optimal levels for performance and safety. As such, any misapplication or failure can lead to severe consequences (e.g., equipment loss, employee injury, and environmental damage). For these reasons, it is essential to use instruments engineered to withstand the severe demands of chemical processing operations.

Instrumentation is critical to the quality of chemical industry operations, which is why instruments for the chemical industry must be designed and manufactured with durability and reliability in mind. In addition to helping processing equipment and systems run optimally, proper instrumentation offers the following benefits:

Materials Used for Instruments in the Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, instruments are often directly exposed to chemical processes. As such, they must be able to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and other harsh conditions. Our instrument solutions, such as our 2198 Micro Siphon and pressure gauges, are designed and built to provide consistent performance in these environments.

At Ashcroft, we understand that different chemical applications require different materials. Stainless steel—which offers exceptional strength and corrosion resistance—is often the material of choice for instruments used in chemical industry applications. Besides offering stainless steel instruments, we also offer our products in a wide selection of other chemically resistant materials designed for use with highly aggressive media. For example, our acid leak detection (ALD) assemblies provide industry professionals with a visual indication of changes in process media. They have a special coating that changes color when exposed to compounds with pH levels of ≤3.0.

Acid Leak Detection (ALD)

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

Your single-source solution provider. At Ashcroft, we supply a broad selection of measurement and monitoring technology suitable for use in the chemical industry and beyond. By choosing us as their partner for their instrumentation needs, our customers benefit from our:

Extensive Experience

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, professionals encounter hundreds—if not thousands—of organic and inorganic materials. Many of these compounds have abrasive or aggressive qualities that can negatively impact equipment condition or human health. Fortunately, our experts are familiar with the challenges faced by chemical industry customers. Armed with this knowledge, we design and manufacture instrument solutions that meet the industry’s specifications and standards to help measure, monitor, and manage various process conditions. Our gauges, seals, switches, and differential pressure products as well as our temperature control solutions (e.g., multipoint sensors) allow industry professionals to achieve and maintain safe operations.

In addition to supplying instruments, we also provide calibration, testing, PMI, and complete documentation services. Furthermore, our metallurgy staff is available to review and make recommendations for all types of processes within the industry. We offer testing capabilities, a material compatibility program, and wake frequency calculations. Reach out to our technical team for an evaluation of your unique application and expert advice on proper instrumentation to fit your needs.

Excellent Product Quality

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality temperature and pressure instrumentation in the industry. We are certified to/comply with numerous national and international standards, including, but not limited to, ISO 9001, NACE, ATEX, CE, UL, and FM. Additionally, all of our instruments undergo rigorous in-house testing and quality review throughout the manufacturing process. With Ashcroft, customers can rest assured that they are receiving reliable and accurate instrumentation.

Commitment to Customer Safety

We understand that each installation, whether new or existing, must meet certain safety requirements. All of our pressure and temperature instruments—including our multipoint sensors—are designed with safety in mind. Our newest electronic temperature sensors, RTDs, and thermocouples are engineered for user safety in high-temperature applications.

Broad Product Flexibility/Compatibility

Our custom assembly services allow us to fit various instruments and compatible wetted parts together to suit different application requirements. Check out our material selection tool to determine or verify whether a specific material is suitable for your process media.

Superior Cost Savings

Our experience in producing instrument solutions for chemical processing applications allows us to easily identify optimization opportunities. These recommendations can help improve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.  

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right temperature and pressure instruments and understand how they can benefit your chemical processing operation. For product solutions that matter most to your critical applications, you can trust Ashcroft with the success and safety of your project.

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