Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Temperature and pressure instruments for industrial/OEM equipment manufacturers

Whether you design and manufacture pumps, pneumatic systems, hydrogen generators, metalworking machines, tire presses, oil field equipment, or another piece of industrial equipment, integrating pressure and temperature measurement technology is essential. These instruments serve many purposes, including controlling system processes, providing diagnostic information, or shutting down operations to minimize system issues and optimize system operations. For these reasons, choosing instrumentation that offers durable and reliable performance even under harsh conditions (e.g., extended exposure to fluctuating temperatures, excessive vibrations, abrasive or corrosive media, etc.) is key. The instrumentation must also comply with all relevant industry and regulatory standards to ensure they are suitable for use in industrial applications.

At Ashcroft, our pressure and temperatures instruments find application in a wide range of industrial equipment, including, but not limited to, the following: 

Inlet/outlet pressure and temperature, pressure and temperature monitoring, and control and safety applications

Importance of Measurement and Monitoring Technology for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

At Ashcroft, we design, engineer, and manufacture a broad selection of measurement and control instrumentation for industrial equipment. Together, we can combine our extensive industry experience with your knowledge of your application requirements to create instrument solutions that fully meet your and your customer’s needs. Our products offer accurate and reliable performance in some of the most extreme industrial environments, ensuring your customers can accurately measure and monitor their operations to achieve better efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry and regulatory guidelines.

Examples of applications for our instruments include:

  • Low-pressure safety release on car tire presses
  • High-pressure control and shutdown in hydrogen filling stations
  • Tubing/casing pressure monitoring on natural gas wellheads for production optimization

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

At Ashcroft, we’ve developed a reputation as a premier source of high-quality measurement and control solutions. By partnering with us when you need pressure and temperature instruments for your industrial equipment, you benefit from our:

Extensive Experience

Equipped with over 165 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and skills to provide instruments for some of the most demanding applications. Our Custom Engineered Solutions (CESSM) team follows a dedicated review process to evaluate your application requirements and recommend appropriate instrument solutions that fully comply with your specifications and standards, including your cable termination requirements. Our comprehensive list of in-house testing services (e.g., environmental, shock/vibration, temperature, EMI/RFI, and IP testing) further ensures the solution we deliver meets your and your customers’ needs.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

All of our instruments have been researched, developed, tested, and produced to offer reliable performance. They meet and exceed industry standards for EMI and RFI resistance, environmental stress, shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, and ingress protection levels. Additionally, they are approved by/comply with a variety of national and international standards, such as CE, ATEX/IECEx, UL, FM, CSA, CRN, and SIL.

Cost Savings

By integrating our instruments in your equipment, you can create a number of cost-saving opportunities for your customers. For example, our instruments’ durability and stability can lower ownership costs, while their accuracy and reliability can improve system performance.

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right measurement and control solution for your industrial equipment manufacturing needs. For instrument solutions that integrate with your equipment, trust us to put our industry experience, engineering knowledge, and can-do attitude to work for you.

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