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Temperature and pressure solutions for food and beverage operations

Applications of Measurement and Monitoring Technology

In the food and beverage industry, one of the greatest challenges companies face is preventing product contamination. Whether a company produces soda pop and vegetable soup or popsicles and veggie chips, its food and beverage products must be safe for consumption. Measuring and monitoring technology—e.g., temperature, pressure, and flow instruments—help company employees achieve and maintain the proper conditions during processing, transportation, and distribution operations, ensuring consumable materials remain safe and healthy.

Ashcroft temperature and pressure instruments are used in a wide range of food and beverage industry applications, including:

Poultry farms for equipment ranging from air quality systems to ventilation controllers

Importance of Measurement and Monitoring Technology for the Food and Beverage Industry

Measuring and monitoring instruments benefit food and beverage companies in several ways, including:

  • Regulatory compliance. Food and beverage products must be safe for consumers. Regulatory standards help ensure product safety by providing guidelines about the design, construction, and/or maintenance of processing equipment, packaging, and more. Overall, the focus is on achieving and maintaining sanitary conditions. The instruments integrated into facility equipment and systems are also subject to these standards; they must be designed and built to prevent contaminant buildup and facilitate cleaning and sanitation operations. If selected, used, and maintained properly, they help companies maintain the right conditions within their facilities.
  • Process optimization. Instrumentation helps operators determine whether a system could and should be further optimized. By making these changes carefully, they can achieve better processing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Cost savings. Measuring and monitoring instruments help food and beverage companies ensure their products are safe for consumers. Without it, companies face the risk of losing money on contaminated batches or, if contaminated products make it to the distribution phase, consumer lawsuits.

 Ashcroft specializes in the development, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and calibration of measurement and control instruments. Our familiarity with the demands of the food and beverage industry allows us to produce sanitary products that fully comply with strict regulatory design guidelines (e.g., 3-A Sanitary Standards). Industry professionals know they can rely on us to provide high-quality instrumentation solutions that accommodate their needs.

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

At Ashcroft, we are a premier source of temperature and pressure instrument solutions for customers in the food and beverage industry and beyond. By partnering with us for their instrumentation needs, they benefit from our:

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At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right temperature and pressure instruments and understand how they can benefit your food and beverage operations. For accurate and reliable product solutions for your critical applications, you can trust us with the success and safety of your project.

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