Medical Health & Safety

Pressure and temperature instruments to help health and safety equipment operators measure and monitor system conditions

When talking about medical, health, and personal safety equipment, the health and safety of end-users are paramount. Over the years, this focus has led to increasing demand for better equipment performance (e.g., better accuracy or reliability). As a result, measurement and control instrument manufacturers have been challenged to create products that offer better and better performance to ensure the various devices and systems in which they are installed function as effectively and efficiently as possible.

At Ashcroft, our pressure and temperature instruments are suitable for use in a broad selection of medical, health, and personal safety equipment, including the following:

Safety shutoff, pressure and temperature control, sterilizer "opening" conditions verification for operator safety, patient breathing monitoring and verification  

Importance of Pressure and Temperature Instruments for Medical Health and Safety Equipment

As indicated above, medical, health, and personal safety equipment must be designed and built to ensure the health and safety of end-users. The instruments integrated into such equipment—such as pressure or temperature transducers, gauges, and switches—help equipment operators measure and monitor system conditions to ensure they remain within a safe range. However, they must meet demanding performance requirements—particularly with regard to accuracy, reliability, and longevity—even under harsh environmental and operating conditions. Additionally, given the sensitive or critical nature of such equipment, they must accommodate sanitary requirements to ensure the application area remains free from contamination.

Ashcroft: Protection for What Matters Most

At Ashcroft, we design and manufacture a variety of pressure and temperature instruments—such as transducers, gauges, and switches—suitable for use in medical, health, and personal safety equipment. By working closely with equipment manufacturers, we engineer measurement and control solutions that ensure equipment is safe for end-users (e.g., medical professionals and patients, military personnel, miners, and rescue workers) and compliant with industry and regulatory standards (e.g., 3-A Sanitary and Mil-Spec).

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

Ashcroft is a premier source of quality instrument solutions for the medical, health, and personal safety equipment industries and beyond. By choosing us as your partner for your instrumentation needs, your benefit from our:

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right measurement and control solution for your equipment manufacturing needs. For product solutions that integrate with your equipment, trust us to put our industry experience, engineering knowledge, and can-do attitude to work for you.

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