Pressure and temperature instruments for railway, off-highway and other specialty vehicles

From high-performance race cars to railway trains to off-highway vehicles, vehicles serve an essential role in the day-to-day operations of a wide range of industries. Within their application environments, they are often exposed to a variety of severe conditions (e.g., extreme temperatures, cycle life fluctuating temperatures, severe pressure and temperature cycling, high EMI, excessive vibrations, etc.), all of which can have a significant effect on their sensitive pressure and temperature instrumentation. As many critical vehicle systems and subsystems rely on pressure and temperature instruments for reliable and safe equipment operation, the ones integrated must also be durable and provide a stable output over extended periods of time. Otherwise, the performance of the vehicle and, consequently, your reputation and your customer’s satisfaction, is at risk.      

At Ashcroft, our pressure and temperature instruments – most notably sensors –  find use in a various on-board applications, including the following: 

Construction and infrastructure maintenance equipment are often subjected to high levels of dust and dirt, impact, and vibrations. Our sensors provide reliable measurements under demanding vibration, temperature and cycling conditions in applications such as braking, hydraulic systems, steering / steering automation, load moment and weighing. 

Importance of Measuring and Monitoring Technology for Railway, Off-Highway and Other Specialty Vehicles

As indicated above, vehicles are regularly exposed to harsh operating and environmental conditions, including, but not limited to, high/low temperatures, humidity, dirt, dust, and debris, electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI), and more. Despite these conditions, they still offer excellent performance when given the proper instrumentation designed and manufactured specifically to withstand the conditions of their intended application.

At Ashcroft, we specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality measurement and control instrumentation. We offer an extensive range of pressure and temperature sensors designed and manufactured for the utmost durability and reliability in critical applications. Our solutions find application in everything from mobile hydraulic systems to performance racing engines. Some examples of critical applications where there are safety, protection, and productivity implications include:

  • Brake pressure verification on PTC (positive train control) systems

  • Pressure measurement on load moment and load weighing systems, verification of safe operating conditions

  • Fuel, brake, oil and coolant pressure monitoring to optimize race car performance 

Custom Engineered Solutions: Up for the Challenge

Equipped with more than 165 years of experience innovating new and reliable products, we have the expertise needed to create instrument solutions for some of the most challenging vehicle problems. Our Custom Engineered Solutions (CESSM) team carefully reviews your vehicle requirements so we can identify the instruments that best suit your and your customers’ needs. We engineer our solutions with reliability and accuracy in mind to ensure vehicles are safe for users and compliant with your specifications and regulatory standards.

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

At Ashcroft, we’ve developed a reputation as a premier source of reliable and rugged instruments for vehicles. By partnering with us for your vehicle instrument needs, you benefit from our:

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right pressure and temperature instruments and understand how they can benefit your vehicle systems. For product solutions that go the distance, trust us to put our industry experience, engineering knowledge, and can-do attitude to work to get you there.

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