Temperature and pressure instruments for power equipment and systems

Applications of Measurement and Monitoring Technology

Today, the global power industry is faced with the challenge of developing a solution that accommodates the rising demand for a reliable and flexible source of energy without increasing operational emissions or costs. One method industry professionals rely on to achieve and maintain effective and efficient operations is integrating temperature and pressure instruments into their power generation and distribution equipment. This measurement and monitoring technology allows them to identify if and when their systems require modifications to improve their performance. 

At Ashcroft, our measuring and monitoring solutions find application in a variety of power generation and distribution equipment, including, but not limited to, the following:

Gas-fired power plants operate under stringent regulations due to volatile, high-risk conditions. Pressure monitoring is critical for turbine and steam generation operations, while boilers, combustion, denitrification, and heat recovery systems must be closely watched for temperature fluctuations. Our 5503 and 5509 differential pressures units are ideal for applications involving low in. H2O differential or high static pressures. They feature an all stainless steel construction and IP 65 Ingress protection class rating for safe and reliable performance.

Ashcroft: Your Single-Source Solution

At Ashcroft, we offer measurement and control instruments suitable for use in power equipment and systems, ranging from large-scale, on-the-grid power plants to individual, off-the-grid power stations. Over our 165 years in business, we’ve earned the trust of industry professionals across the world with our quality products and services.

Our focus on safety drives us to ensure our instruments protect people, processes and profits. Additionally, we strive to develop innovative solutions that provide protection in all areas of the plant, even for the most critical processes and applications. Equipped with extensive engineering experience and market knowledge, we can design, develop, manufacture, test, and calibrate instrument solutions tailored to virtually any customer need. For example, we supply resistance thermometer detectors (RTDs) and thermocouples for heaters, generators, pumping stations, and other power system elements.

Importance of Measurement and Monitoring Technology for the Power Industry

As indicated above, power industry professionals are challenged to find a way to establish a dependable, eco-friendly, and low-cost energy supply that meets the rapidly growing consumer demand. Measurement and monitoring instruments help bring them closer to overcoming this challenge by ensuring power equipment achieves and maintains optimal performance. However, the technology employed must be durable and reliable enough to withstand the harsh operating conditions characteristic of power generation and distribution facilities.

By integrating our high-quality temperature and pressure instruments in power equipment, industry professionals benefit from the following:


Why Partner with Ashcroft?

Your single-source solution provider. At Ashcroft, we are a premier source of temperature and pressure measurement and control solutions for customers across a wide range of industries. We offer sensors, switches, gauges, transducers, and other instruments that allow industrial equipment—including power generation and distribution systems—to operate efficiently, reliably, and safely. By partnering with us for their instrument needs, power industry professionals benefit from our:

Extensive Experience

Our over 165 years in business has given us a comprehensive understanding of industrial applications and processes. This insight allows us to develop instruments to the exact needs of the power facility, ensuring it runs efficiently, cleanly, and consistently.

Ability to Offer Cost Savings

Our extensive experience enables us to identify potential opportunities for optimization within a power facility. By implementing these recommendations, industry professionals can experience better system performance, lower energy costs, and greener operations.

Commitment to Quality.

Our products are compliant with/approved by numerous national and international standards, including ISO 9001, ATEX, CE, UL, and FM. However, our team continually looks for ways to improve our products and processes even further.

Durable and Reliable Products

Our advanced instruments—e.g., our pressure gauges and switches—are engineered to offer reliable performance even under extreme conditions. For example, they can be made from compatible wetted material for application environments with corrosive pressure media or constructed in agency-approved, explosion-proof designs for hazardous environments.

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right temperature and pressure instruments and understand how they can benefit your power generation or distribution facility. For product solutions that matter most to your critical applications, you can trust us with the success and safety of your project.

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