Metals & Minerals

Temperature and pressure instruments for metal and mineral extracting or processing operations

Applications of Measurement and Monitoring Technology

The metal and mineral industry encompasses numerous processes—ranging from resource extraction to raw material processing—many of which rely on precise and accurate pressure and temperature conditions. Industry professionals often employ measuring and monitoring technology—e.g., temperature and pressure instruments—to ensure operating parameters in extraction and processing equipment remain at optimal levels for the greatest effectiveness and efficiency.

Our pressure and temperature instrument solutions are found in a wide range of extraction and processing equipment and systems for metals and minerals, including: 

Mining water treatment equipment and systems for measuring and controlling conditions in water level monitoring, treatment, and recycling operations

Ashcroft: Your Single Source Solution

Ashcroft serves as a single-source supplier for all measurement and control needs in the metal and mineral industry. Throughout our over 165 years in business, we’ve earned the trust of industrial customers across the globe with our superior products and services and our focus on safety and protection. We ensure our instruments offer accurate and reliable performance, so they can help protect our customers’ people, processes, and profits.

Our team strives to develop innovative solutions that provide safety for all areas of the plant. By working closely with customers, we develop unique instrument assemblies for some of the most critical processes and applications in the metal and mineral industry, such as:

  • Gauge, switch, and other instrument assemblies with isolation rings for monitoring applications with large water flow or piping specifications
  • Duragauge® pressure gauges with PLUS!™ Performance technology for pumping applications with excessive vibrations or pulsations
  • Pressure gauges designed for applications with high overpressure requirements

We develop, engineer, manufacture, and test control and measuring instruments suitable for a variety of industrial applications, processes, and conditions. Our broad selection of products allows metal and mineral industry professionals to rely on us as their source for all of their instrumentation needs. Armed with extensive experience creating instruments for hazardous environments and destructive processes, we have the knowledge and skills to produce and provide individual component and complete assembly solutions that accommodate some of the harshest operating and environmental conditions—e.g., exposure to water, caustic compounds, and explosive gases.

Ashcroft Pressure Gauge with PLUS!™ Performance

Importance of Measurement and Monitoring Technology for the Metal and Mineral Industry

There are many reasons to integrate measurement and monitoring technology into metal and mineral extracting and processing equipment, such as:

  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements. Metal and mineral industry operations are highly regulated to ensure operator and environmental safety. Temperature and pressure instruments help machine operators keep operating parameters in check.
  • Greater operational effectiveness/efficiency. Measuring and monitoring technology provides an assessment of system performance. By tracking these values, industry professionals can identify if and when system modifications are required to improve performance and productivity.
  • Larger cost savings. Sensors monitor system conditions (e.g., temperature, pressure, and flow levels). Switches initiate an appropriate system response if and when the sensors detect a problem. Together, these instruments catch problems before they become bigger, resulting in a lower risk of component or system damage and, consequently, less money spent on repair and replacement costs and lost due to downtime.

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

Your single-source solutions provider. At Ashcroft, we are a source of high-quality measurement and control solutions for a variety of industrial processes and applications. By partnering with us for their pressure and temperature instruments needs, our customers in the metal and mineral industry benefit from our:

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are here to help you identify the right temperature and pressure instruments and understand how they can benefit your metal and mineral extracting or processing operations. For accurate and reliable product solutions for your critical applications, you can trust us with the success and safety of your project.

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