Pressure instrumentation for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration processes

The term “HVAC/R” stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration—applicable to processes that encompass indoor climate control operations for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities. It covers a wide range of products and applications, such as boiler control, chiller optimization, data center air systems, clean room environmental control, and ammonia-based refrigeration, among others. As HVAC/R consumers become more and more conscious of their energy usage and its impact on society, equipment suppliers are increasingly challenged to meet tighter efficiency standards and higher safety standards.

Ashcroft offers a wide range of pressure and temperature measurement products—including pressure gauges, pressure switches, low differential pressure transducers, and temperature transducers—all of which are built to meet the high-performance specifications and standards in optimizing HVAC systems. One of the unique attributes of Ashcroft's pressure transducer is our TruAccuracy™ performance specification, which includes both the zero and span setting tolerances for more accurate out-of-the-box device.

Our HVAC/R pressure transducers, switches, and gauges are commonly used in a wide range of HVAC/R applications, including:

Cleanrooms, laboratories, hospital operating and isolation rooms, data centers and other critical facilities that have strict environmental guidelines requiring close monitoring and control over pressure and other environmental conditions, including isolation room pressurization, HEPA filter condition (DP drop), and airflow monitoring and control.


Ashcroft: Protection for What Matters Most

At Ashcroft, our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, comprehensive development, engineering, manufacturing, testing, calibration capabilities, and customer-driven approach position us as the ideal partner for all HVAC/R needs. Our focus on helping optimize your critical pressure and temperature applications allows us to provide accurate and safe measurement solutions that lead to greater efficiency, lower operating costs, and improved indoor environmental conditions. Whether it’s ultra-low differential pressure measurement on fume hoods requiring 0.0001 IWC sensitivity, or critical room pressurization control to 0.02 IWC, pressure and temperature gauges for steam applications, SIL-rated safety limit pressure switches on boilers, Ashcroft is committed to providing instrumentation with the technology you need to keep up with the demand for continuous performance improvement.

Overview of HVAC/R Low Differential Pressure Transducers

In the United States, heating and cooling operations account for 39% of the energy utilization in commercial buildings, which is why facility owners and managers attempt to optimize their HVAC/R operations and reduce their operating costs without impacting the quality of the occupied space. A key device that plays a major role in making HVAC/R systems more efficient is low differential pressure transducers.

Low differential pressure (DP) transducers measure and monitor the airflow and pressure differences between two points within an HVAC/R system. This information allows the facility to track real-time system performance through the Building Automation System (BAS) and accordingly adjust and optimize the heating, cooling, or airflow operations. By monitoring these measurements,  the BAS system can continuously adjust airflow measurements to ensure indoor conditions are at optimal levels without excessive energy expenditures.

Low DP transducers are designed for permanent installation within an HVAC/R control system. They enable monitoring of low pressures between rooms, duct static pressures and DP across filters providing an analog output to the controller (which will increase or decrease fan speed to optimize pressure levels in the system accordingly), and deliver feedback about system performance and condition, all with the goal of optimizing performance, improving efficiency and providing a comfortable and safe environment  .

Why Partner with Ashcroft?

By partnering with us for their HVAC/R pressure instrumentation needs, our customers benefit from our:

Extensive Experience

When safety, reliability, and cost of ownership are important considerations, count on Ashcroft’s 165 years of experience. We’ve provided millions of gauges, pressure switches, and low DP sensors to manufacturers of equipment, including customers who support data centers, medical facilities, pharmaceutical sites, and other critical environments that demand accurate and reliable performance.

Our highly knowledgeable and skilled engineering and product development specialists offer:

  • Custom Engineered Solutions (CESSM), a dedicated process to review and respond to customer-specific requirements
  • Flexible pressure transducer and pressure gauge product platforms to adapt to unique customer specifications
  • Proven, proprietary technology that is researched, developed, tested, and produced to maintain consistent performance, such as Ashcroft’s Si-GlasTM sensing technology
  • In-house environmental, shock/vibration, temperature, and EMI/RFI testing to industry standards, ingress protection levels, and customer specifications when beyond industry standards
Unmatched Product Performance

We offer transducers with ultra-low to high-range capabilities, all of which are incorporated with technology that provides reliable and stable performance. For example:

  • Our TruAccuracy™ performance also includes both zero and span tolerances, linearity, repeatability, and hysteresis, resulting in improved accuracy in our transducers compared to others in the market – providing out-of-the-box uniformity and simple/no adjustment required installation
  • Our SpoolCal® technology offers minimal downtime requirements when in-place calibration operations are required to meet industry standards
  • Our Flutterguard™, True Zero™, and PLUS!™ performance technology protects against pulses, shock, and vibrations for more durable pressure gauges
Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to product quality is further demonstrated by our compliance with and approval by numerous national and international standards, including:

  • ISO 9001
  • ATEX
  • CE
  • FM
  • UL
  • CSA
  • CRN
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level)
Easy to Use Products for Installation Savings

Our products are engineered for easy setup and use to improve operations and reduce operational costs. For example, our low DP sensors come with Snap Track mounts, removable terminal stripes, and optional SpoolCal® technology for faster in-place calibration operations and, consequently, shorter downtime. Our TruAccuracy™ specification provides out-of-the-box uniformity and simple/no adjustment required installation.


Sustainability Efforts

Our sustainability efforts are not limited to helping customers increase the energy-efficiency of their HVAC/R systems. Ashcroft continues to implement energy and water conservation programs, waste reduction, and recycling initiatives in our own facility in Stratford, CT (as well as many of our other global locations) to minimize our impact on the environment.

Trust in the Ashcroft Experts

At Ashcroft, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality HVAC/R product solutions—including pressure transducers, switches, and gauges—to customers across a diverse set of industries. Learn more about our product and service offerings and how we can partner with you on your next HVAC/R project.

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