Code of Conduct


The foundation of our corporate and individual ethical behavior is built on the principles of integrity, respect, compliance and responsibility. These principles are rooted in our behavior as we conduct business on behalf of Ashcroft.

Integrity will always guide us to do right thing, even if it means walking away from a business opportunity. We are responsible to comply to all applicable laws and regulations, our own operating policies and procedures, and report any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct.

Respect starts with each other, and reaches to our customers, suppliers and guests. As employees, following the Ashcroft's Code of Conduct is not optional.



 Full text versions of our Code of Conduct

ANKH Inc. Code of Conduct - Japanese

ANKH Inc. Code of Conduct - English

ANKH Inc. Codigo de conducta Spanish.pdf

ANKH Inc. Codigo de conduta Portuguese.pdf

ANKH Inc. Verhaltenskodex German.pdf

ANKH Inc. Code of Conduct - Chinese 

ANKH Inc. Code of Conduct - Dutch

ANKH Inc. Code of Conduct - French

ANKH Inc. Code of Conduct - Turkish


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