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Company News: New Product Test Lab Facility


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Stratford, CT (June 11, 2009)   ̶  Ashcroft Inc. Announces New Product Test Lab Facility. We are proud to announce the completion of a new product test center at our world headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut. The facility has been outfitted with a host of specialized test equipment to simulate virtually any adverse operating condition that one of our products may encounter while in service.
Specially adapted, much of the equipment can be integrated to allow extreme condition tests to be performed simultaneously while the products are operating under variable pressures. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with:
• Vibration Tables: up to 9500 Hz vibration frequency.
• Hot/Cold Temperature Chambers: -103 to 350°F.
• Environmental (weather simulation) station: UV, temperature & humidity.
• Pressure life cycle testing stations.
• Burst testing station.
• GTEM Cell: Tests Immunity to Radiated Electro magnetic Fields to 100V/m from 80MHz to 1GHz.
• EM clamp: Tests Immunity to Conducted Electric fields to 30V from 150 KHz to 80 MHz.
• ESD Gun: Test Immunity up to ±15.5kV Contact /Air Static Discharge.
• Burst / EFT & Surge Generator: Tests Immunity to transient EMI.
• Master calibration equipment: highly accurate dead weight testers for cross-float comparison with production deadweight standards.

Ashcroft Inc. engineers are using this environmentally controlled test facility to develop new products and provide
expeditious, custom engineered solutions for challenging applications. Please submit your specific application requirements and we will be happy to evaluate your special needs, provide test data and help analyze product suitability.