Pressure, Temperature and Test Measurement Instruments

Pressure Instruments

Ashcroft’s pressure instruments feature an assortment of configurations to meet most installation requirements. We provide pressure gauges in a wide variety of sizes, accuracies and ranges, pressure switches that are ideal for pressure control, shutdown or alarm operations, and pressure transmitters and transducers to meet harsh installation demands for low or high temperatures, high shock and vibration. With a wide range of accessories and diaphragm seals and isolators, you can protect your valuable instruments and control pressure flow. We also offer SMART transmitter assemblies that combine devices to provide multiple measurement and control functions from a single pressure port.

Temperature Instruments

Ashcroft provides a wide variety of accurate and reliable instruments used to monitor temperature, including thermometers, RTDs, thermocouples, MultiPoint Sensors or OEM temperature sensors, and to protect temperature instruments such as thermowells. Our temperature switches are designed to help you control the high and low temperature operating limits of the application.

Test Instruments

Ashcroft’s diverse line of testing instrumentation is used for both field and laboratory calibration requirements. We carry calibrators that offer multiple measurements simultaneously, hand pump controllers to generate pressure or vacuum for instrument calibration, hydraulic testers for periodic calibration checks with precise accuracy and test gauges for a dependable secondary pressure standard for the calibration of pressure gauges.

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