207 In-Line Socket Weld Diaphragm Seal

The Ashcroft® 207 in-line socket-weld diaphragm seals protect pressure measuring instruments. Mounted in-line with the process piping, it is used in applications where continuous flow is required to minimize process clogging. Its  continuous-duty design prevents process fluid loss in the event the measuring instrument is removed or fails.

Key Features:
  • 316L stainless steel top housing (standard)
  • Wide selection of diaphragm and lower housing materials
  • Diaphragm welded (metallic) or bonded (elastomer) to top housing

Process Market:
Oil and Gas
Chemical and Petrochemical
Water and Wastewater

Process Applications:
Oil and Gas Transportation-Pipelines
NACE Compliant Processes (sour gas separation)
Biogas and Biodiesel


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