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Pressure Transducers and Gauges for Semiconductor Applications

Release Date: August 18, 2021 

Fluoropolymer Resilience Meets Ashcroft Reliability 

With all the reliability you would expect from Ashcroft products, and the protection and resilience of fluoropolymer, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new ZL pressure transducers and HPT gauge for the semiconductor industry. The fluoropolymer construction makes them compatible with processes that use corrosive or non-contaminating fluids. In non-contaminating processes, their wetted parts prevent metal ion elution – perfect for ultrapure or deionized water processes.  

The Ashcroft® 63mm HPT anti-corrosion pressure gauge features fluoropolymer wetted parts. It is fabricated in a class 10,000 clean room then nitrogen flushed and packaged into a polyethylene-sealed bag. You can use it in chemical delivery systems, wafer manufacturing, ultrapure water applications, plating processing and within the pharmaceutical industry. Using a PFA Bellow material, it has a span accuracy of ±1.5% (ranges 90 psi and above) or ±2.0% (ranges 90 psi and below). 

Our ZL91 and ZL92 pressure transducers are high-quality additions to our semiconductor product line. The ZL91 is designed for use in ultrapure/deionized water applications that require all-fluorine resin wetted parts and low metal ion elution in their process. The ZL92 is designed for use in semiconductor processes that require fluoropolymer wetted parts for improved chemical compatibility with acids and other corrosive fluids. Each model provides a full span accuracy of ±1.0% and is ideal for semiconductor, flat panel displays, water facilities and wet stations. 

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