ZL95 Fluoropolymer Pressure Transducer with Display

The Ashcroft® ZL95 is a pressure transducer with a display designed for use in semiconductor processes that require fluoropolymer (PTFE/PFA) wetted parts for improved chemical compatibility for use in corrosive gases and fluids. A secondary isolation diaphragm and vent design isolates the ceramic sensing element from corrosive gases and liquids which extends the life span of the transducer.

Key Features:
  • PTFE/PFA wetted parts
  • Corrosion resistant to chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid
  • 4 digit LED display with NPN switch outputs
  • Compatible with pipe diameters from 0.25 to 0.5 in. O.D.
  • Capacitance sensor for excellent thermal stability
  • Multiple mounting options include tube connections, press fit nuts, flared nuts and threaded nuts
  • Class 100,000 cleanroom packaged and bagged

Cleaning equipment for semiconductor
Cleaning equipment for Flat Panel Displays (FPD)
Wet stations
Chemical supply systems


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