Pressure Limiting Valve-PL02

The Ashcroft® pressure limiting valve-PL02 is designed to protect sensitive instrumentation by limiting pressure up to a specific set value and will only open once pressure drops down below a certain value. This device is often used to mitigate pressure spikes or other momentatary pressure events that can damage instruments like pressure gauges, switches and transmitters.

Key Features:
  • Isolates and protects instrument assembly from pressure surges beyond the full scale of the measurement instrument
  • Prevents damage, loss of accuracy and / or rupture of sensing elements
  • 316Ti stainless steel construction
  • Automatically resets after 25% drop in pressure from set point
  • Available set point from 6 psi to 8,700 psi
  • Built-in pressure snubbing design
  • Supplies with wetted parts according to NACE MR0175/MR0103
  • Material Traceability Reports available per EN 10204 3.1

Process Markets:
Oil & Gas
Chemical & Petrochemical
Power Plants
Water & Wastewater

Industrial Markets:
Pumps & Compressors


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