MultiPoint Temperature Sensors

Ashcroft® offers multipoint temperature sensors with multiple temperature sensing points housed in a protective sheath. They are available in large diameter and compact designs, and are custom designed with plant instrument, process, maintenance and reliability teams to meet each vessel’s specific requirements.


Key Features:
  • Multi-thermowell flanged assemblies with guide tube and compression devices
  • Straight multipoint for reactors with spring-loaded thermal blocks or welded heat transfer blocks
  • Flexible multipoint for reactors with mineral insulation cables with standard, reinforced or double wall
  • MultiOne thermocouples for reactors offer multiple sensing points along the length of MI-cable at various predetermined locations inside the catalyst bed
  • Multipoint accessories for reactors, such as: metal brackets, wall-mounting devices and soldering clip sources of thermal dissipation.

Process Market:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • LNG Tanks


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