510-511 All-Welded Diaphragm Seals

The Ashcroft® 510 and 511 compact, all-welded diaphragm seals protect pressure measuring instruments. Used to ensure process compatibility, they are also applied when process media exhibit high temperature, pulsation or the potential to clog an instrument connection. An ideal selection high pressure applications.

Key Features:
  • All-welded, compact size and lightweight
  • Continuous duty
  • All-welded construction; prevents inadvertent disassembly
  • All-stainless steel construction; other materials available
  • Flush port (type 511) provides easy cleaning / flushing for process media prone to clogging

Process Market:
Oil and Gas
Refineries (Hydrofluoric / Sulfuric Alkalines)
Chemical and Petrochemical
Water and Wastewater

Process Applications:
Oil and Gas Fracking
NACE Compliant Processes (Sour Gas Separation)
Biogas and Biodiesel


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