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The ATE-2 handheld pressure and temperature calibrator

Put an Even Better Pressure Test Lab in Your Hands...

The Ashcroft® ATE-2 handheld calibrator raises the bar with a new design and added features, including a USB port, SD card, backlit LCD and an onboard loop power supply. Like the original, the ATE-2 incorporates Quick-Select™ modules to measure pressure in ranges from 0.25 inches H2O through 10,000 psi and temperature over a wide range with RTDs or thermocouples. In addition, a variety of menu-driven calibration and recording features is provided through simple front panel commands.

Types 80 & 81 isolation rings

Keep Particulates In the Pipe and Out of Your Pressure Instrument

NEW! Isolating and protecting your pressure instruments from particulates in the pressure media is often necessary to prevent clogging. Ashcroft Types 80 and 81 isolation rings install directly into the pipeline and hydraulically translate the pipe pressure to the instrument, keeping it safe and reliable. With the exclusive Safe Quick Release™ option, the instrument can be neatly removed while the line is under pressure. View a video about this product.

Lo D/P Transmitter Can be Validated in Place without disconnecting

Low Pressure Readings You Can Take to the Bank

The innovative Ashcroft® DXLdp low differential pressure transmitter is a favorite for critical air flow, room pressure and air handler applications. Equipped with the exclusive Ashcroft® SpoolCalä option, this transmitter can be validated, zeroed and calibrated while on line, without ever having to disconnect the pressure tubing.

Special gauge for wellhead controls

A Christmas Tree Gauge for All Seasons

The Ashcroft® Type 1020S pressure gauge is specifically designed for monitoring pressures on “Christmas tree” control assemblies located on top of oil and gas wellheads. This rugged 4 ½” diameter gauge is constructed with stainless steel exterior and wetted parts to resist the potentially damaging effects of petroleum pressure media.

Get the Features You Need in a Process Presure Gauge

Industry's Best Selection in Process Gauges

Ashcroft® 1200 series pressure gauges offer specific capabilities for nearly every type of process. In basic applications, the rugged Ashcroft® Type 1259 pressure gauge is the economical choice for years of dependable service. In more rigorous installations, the Type 1279 Duragauge® pressure gauge takes-on harsh pressure media, fire hazard or extreme cycle volumes. Add pulsation and vibration, and the Type 1279 Duragauge® PLUS! pressure gauge offers patented technology to dampen pointer flutter without the need for liquid fill.
Ultra Compact Pressure Transmitters

All the Best Features, Right at Your Fingertips!

Ashcroft's new pressure transmitters feature a digital display for local indication and a user "turndown" capability for re-ranging. Two ultra-compact configurations are now available: GC51 Gauge and compound ranges to 7500 psi GC52 Wet-wet D/P with ranges from 0/4 to 0/400 Inches W.C. and bi-directional ranges.
Setting up transducer test on vibration table

Advanced Test Lab Facility at Ashcroft Inc. World Headquarters

We've completed a new product test center, outfitted with specialized test equipment to simulate weather, vibration, extreme temperatures and more. Read more about our expanded capabilities and how we can use them to help you…

PLUS! Performance Eliminates Pointer Flutter

Eliminate Pointer Bounce and Expensive Liquid Fill

The Ashcroft® PLUS!™ Performance feature stabilizes pointer motion in the presence of pump pulsation and high vibration, eliminating the need for expensive liquid fill fluids like Halocarbon. This unique attribute also inhibits movement wear which greatly extends the life of the gauge. The PLUS!™ performance option is available on a variety of Ashcroft® pressure gauges, including the Type 1009 PLUS!™ small and large diameter industrial gauges and the Type 1279 Duragauge® PLUS!™ process gauge.

Dual Seal Flameproof Pressure Switches

Dual Seal Flameproof Pressure Switches with CSA Rating

Ashcroft® "dual seal" flameproof pressure switches are enhanced with a second diaphragm barrier to ensure pressure media containment in the unlikely event of a breach in the primary sensing diaphragm. The dual seal feature is available as the D2 option on Ashcroft®Types B700, D700 and P-Series pressure switches, earning them a CSA rating. For more information about the dual seal option, read the Press Release and Product Information Page...

Commercial/Utility Gauges for OEMs

All Gauges Are Not Created Equal

Ashcroft® commercial gauges offer OEMs a choice of economical pressure indicators, each specifically designed to balance the performance and cost requirements of every unique application. ASME B40.100, Grade B ±3-2-3% accuracy, PowerFlex™ movement, True Zero™ indication and the FlutterGuard™ option earn Ashcroft® commercial gauges industry's top spot for their quality, durability and value.

GC52 differential pressure transmitter now measures flow too!

dp Transmitter Adds Flow Measurement Capability

The Ashcroft® GC52 wet-wet differential pressure transmitter now includes push-button settings to allow the instrument to calculate direct flow readings by measuring dp across a restriction. In addition, a flow totalization counter can be activated to display the accumulated volume of passed fluid. A valuable addition to this remarkable instrument!

Fixed Stem and Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometers

We're Temperature Too!

Ashcroft® temperature indicators and thermowells are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. With the elimination of mercury, our ASME B40.200 (B40.3) rated temperature instruments are safe, reliable and backed by our 5 year warranty. Learn more about our bimetal thermometers, gas actuated thermometers and thermowells...

Types 1082 & 1084 test gauges

Put Ashcroft® to the Test

Any calibration you perform is only as good as the master instrument you use for comparison. That's why Ashcroft has carefully engineered the Type 1082 test gauge and 1084 test gauge for sustained accuracy and high reliability. Looking for increased precision and a digital display? Learn more about the Ashcroft® 2089 digital test gauge.

GL42_Transducer_B - INWC edit 90x90

Read Low Differential Pressure, Here AND There

The new Ashcroft® GL42 low differential pressure indicating transmitter mates a four-digit LCD to Ashcroft's field-proven, low dp transmitter to provide a visual reading at the pressure source as well as a 4-20 mA signal for communication with a remote data acquisition device. The GL42 also features selectable engineering units and an IP65 enclosure.

Type 5503 Diff low pressure, high static pressure gauge

Measure Low DP Across High Static Pressures

The heavy-duty Ashcroft® Type 5503 differential pressure gauge provides reliable, low DP measurement in high static, wet-wet or dry media applications. Equipped with wetted materials of 316SS or Hastelloy C and a stainless steel housing, the rugged Type 5503 DP pressure gauge is specifically designed to monitor a wide variety of caustic liquids and gases.

GC-35 multi-function pressure sensor

More than Just Rugged Good Looks…

The GC35 is our latest innovation in pressure monitoring and control. Housed in a robust nickel plated cast aluminum enclosure and boasting a high over-pressure tolerance, this multi-function pressure sensor is the perfect fit for a wide variety of applications. The GC35 offers a useful combination of features, including a tri-color, LED GloBand™ indicator. Why do the colors change? Read more…

Type 2008S panel builder's guage

The Panel Builder's Gauge

The new Ashcroft® Type 2008S panel builder's gauge incorporates exclusive, field-proven performance features into a rugged, all welded front-flanged pressure gauge. The gauge dial measures 63mm in diameter and combines stainless steel wetted parts and case along with the patented PowerFlex™ spring suspended movement to ensure superior reliability and longevity.

The A Series Compact Stainless Steel Pressure Switch

Introducing the New A Series Pressure Switch...Tougher than Ever!

A harsh operating environment is no match for Ashcroft's new A Series pressure switch. All 316 stainless steel construction, a weatherproof IP67 enclosure and an operating temperature from -40 to 100 degrees C (-40 to 212 degrees F) make this compact switch the ideal choice for a wide variety of industrial and OEM installations.

Control low DP on high static lines

Control Low DP on High Pressure Lines

The new Ashcroft® DDS-Series differential pressure switch combines a sensitive elastic element and a heavily constructed containment vessel to accurately control low differential pressure across a high pressure line. Available in both NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 configurations, DDS-Series differential pressure switches ensure reliable service in a wide variety of installations.

Larry Bachus,

What Does America's Pump Expert Recommend?

Larry Bachus, a.k.a. "The Pump Guy" is a regular contributor to Flow Control magazine. In his articles, Larry often stresses the absolute necessity to outfit pumps with gauges to help avoid a deadly internal pressure imbalance. Read Larry's article and learn about his nationwide 3-day seminars.

1130 Series Differential Pressure Gauges

Our Best Selling dp Gauge

Ashcroft®1130 Series dp gauges offer a high quality, cost effective solution for a wide variety of differential pressure measurement applications. Choices of dial sizes from 2 to 6 inches, ranges from 0.6" H2Od through 150 psid and an optional switch feature make these gauges the practical choice for nearly any installation. Learn more about types 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133 & 1134.

510 diaphragm seal for media isolation

New Seals Shield Your Instruments from Caustic Media

Ashcroft® Types 510 & 511 diaphragm seals are the newest addition to our expansive line of Ashcroft® instrument media isolators. These economical, all welded seals protect pressure gauges, transmitters, switches and other instruments against the potentially harmful affects of caustic media. Click the blue link to learn about features, available ranges, wetted materials and more.

Pressure Instruments with Diaphragm Seal

Keep Your Instruments Safe From Hostile Media

Ashcroft® pressure instruments can be configured with media isolators specifically engineered for harsh or corrosive process liquids and gases. Whether the instrument is a dial gauge, switch, digital gauge or transmitter, there is an Ashcroft® diaphragm seal, isolation ring or isolation spool that can be mated for complete media protection. For help in choosing, view our "10 Steps to Select a Diaphragm Seal" guide.

Differential (d/p) Pressure Instruments

How You Measure the Difference Can Make the Difference

Whether you're controlling room air pressure or monitoring flow across a membrane, Ashcroft has the right differential pressure (dp) instrument for your application. Our broad selection of gauges, transmitters, switches and precision indicators includes capabilities from very low dp to high static pressure containment.

1305D_Ash_A 90 x 90

When Calibration is Critical

The Ashcroft® type 1305D hydraulic portable deadweight tester can generate pressure test points from 15 to 10,000 psi in an accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading. As a primary standard, the 1305D will provide years of accurate calibration measurement. Perfect for both a calibration lab or use in the field.

Large digital display, long battery life

Monitor Pressure the Easy Way with the DG25

With a 5 full digit display and accuracy up to ±0.25% FS, the Ashcroft® DG25 digital pressure gauge offers quick, high resolution readings in a 2 1/2" style IP67 enclosure. Standard features include selectable engineering units, min-max recall, tare, a list of agancy approvals and much more. Click here to learn more about the DG25's attributes and specifications. Also, see our 3 minute demonstration video.

Pressure Gauge with Unique Panel Mount  Design

Innovative Panel Mount Design

Ashcroft® Type 1005P general purpose utility gauges are now available with a unique panel mount conversion kit; simply snap the gauge into the panel mounting sleeve and fasten it to the panel with the bracket provided. This unique economical design facilitates easy installation and quick change-out.
Eliminate ice damge in freezing temperatures

Don't Let a Little Ice Fry Your Sensor

Measuring water pressure in freezing temperatures can result in the formation of ice deep inside the inlet cavity of a transducer, possibly destroying the sensor. To prevent this, we've developed a unique isolation technique for the Ashcroft® G2T2 and KM15 pressure transducers that will keep the water from contacting the sensor. Read more about this valuable option...

New Electrical and Pressure Connections for G2 Transducer

More Choices Mean Greater Utility

To suit a wider variety of installation requirements, the Ashcroft G2® pressure transducer is now available with a larger selection of electrical and pressure connections. Read more about the new additions and review the complete offering in the updated G2 data sheet.

A-Series explosion-proof pressure switch

The A-Series Miniature Pressure Switch is Now Explosion Proof Too!

For hazardous locations, the new Ashcroft® A-Series miniature pressure switch is now available in an explosion-proof configuration with a long list of agency approvals including SIL 3 capable. 316 stainless steel construction and a wide operating temperature range, make the A-Series explosion-proof switch the safe choice for nearly any environment.

A2, A2X & A4 Pressure Transmitters

Our Rugged, High Accuracy Transducer is for Hazardous Environments Too!

There is an Ashcroft® A2, A2X or A4 pressure transmitter waiting to answer your call for an accurate, rugged and reliable remote sensor. Available in accuracies up to +/-0.25%F.S., the A2 is offered with a wide variety of electrical connections, analog output signals, pressure ports to meet the requirements of most any application. The A2X (explosion/flame proof) and A4 (intrinsically safe) configurations are specially designed for hazardous environments.

CXLdp low D/P transmitter with voltage output

CXLdp Low dp Transmitter Now with Voltage Output

 The Ashcroft® CXLdp low differential pressure transmitter is now available with jumper-selectable 0-5 / 0-10 Vdc outputs…perfect for use in building control systems providing 24 Vac.

Pressure Instruments for Sanitary Processes

When You’ve Got to Keep it Clean

Ashcroft® sanitary pressure instruments are specifically designed for the unique requirements of pharmaceutical, biotech and food processing applications. Stainless steel sealed housings and welded, electropolished media isolators allow for chemical washdown and high temperature decontamination. Our broad selection of sanitary pressure instruments includes the Type 1032 gauge, G Series switch, 2032 Series digital indicators and the Type KS transducer. Download our sanitary product brochure...

Customized Transducers for OEMs

OEM Pressure Transducers...Modified & Tested to Your Requirements

When "off the shelf" pressure transducers won't satisfy your OEM requirements, contact Ashcroft Inc. and put our customization services to the test. Our expert engineering staff and a complete test facility allow us the flexibility to offer product modifications and special testing to meet your specifications. Read more about our unique capability...


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