T2, G2 and G3 Transducer Configurator

The Ashcroft® T2 general purpose industrial pressure transducer is specifically engineered to stand up to high shock, vibration and pressure cycling. The T2 provides excellent temperature performance, while the thin film sensor enables long-term stability and durability. An ideal choice for remote pressure measurement.

The Ashcroft® G2 pressure transducer combines performance with value to meets the requirements of original equipment manufacturers. The field-proven polysilicon thin film pressure sensor provides excellent overpressure capability and outstanding durability despite substantial shock and vibration. A perfect choice for harsh operating environments.

The Ashcroft® G3 pressure transducer is a ruggedly dependable sensor. Constructed with all 316L stainless steel wetted materials, it is perfectly suited for use with a wide array of process media. The G3 is engineered for installations that produce substantial vibration, shock, and high-cycling. It is the perfect companion to the G2 transducer for low pressure, vacuum, and absolute pressure applications.

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